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    Chucko the Savior
    Privacy policy

Basic information

Chucko the Savior game has been created by company become, s.r.o. Our goal is to create simple game to play everywhere. All information on chucko.become.sk website are about clear usage of the game. All information are true and all graphics materials and visuals are created with approval of all concerned persons. Sharing these materials is alowed only with link to our website.

Personal data

Web site and the game are not collecting any personal data. All personal content as comments or emails to us will be not shared without authors approval.


All links on website or in game are true with links to original source of information. We are not responsible for content on that links, but our effort is to use verified sources.

Analytics data

There is only Google Analytics on the website to better understand demographics of potential players. There is no personal information needed to collect these information.

Additional purchases

There are additional purchases in the game. You can purchase new stages or some amount of players abilities. You can also buy us a cup of coffee just only if you want to support us :-).

Contact us

For more info and support, contact us!

become, s.r.o., Kuzmányho 8, 01001 Žilina, Slovakia, EU